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Power your branding campaigns through targeted TV and digital video ads across multiple OTT and VOD platforms from a single place.

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You Get What You Plan

Expected reach impressions to ensure your planning is accurate.

Transparency throughout the lifecycle

Fees, publishers, fraud-free brand safe impressions.

Peace of mind with customer data privacy

1st party data privacy, gdpr compliant.

Performance branding

Attribution and measurement.

Optimization without the spreadsheets

Optimization across channels, platforms, audiences and in-built creative testing.

Say hello to hyper-targeted audiences

Use multiple segments like demographic, site behaviour or 3rd party interest categories to target your audiences.

In-built creative a/b testing

Allow all creatives to get an equal exposure or let our system automatically give more exposure to best performing creatives.

Maximise performance with in-flight optimization

Automatically optimize your campaigns for best performance keeping in mind multiple platforms, audiences and creatives.

Measure what matters and when it matters

Track where your ads are running, how they’re performing and if they’re getting the promised exposure across channels and platforms.


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Define your campaign objective and budgets

For every campaign, you select your campaign objective and KPIs, eg. increasing reach and frequency, increasing brand consideration, increasing conversions etc. and also select your budget for the campaign and a few other settings including budget pacing, time of day, frequency capping and ad rotation.

Select from dozens of channels and networks

Fine tune your inventory from dozens of high quality publishers, channels and networks to suit your audience taste and campaign goals.

Target your ideal audience with demographic or interest filters using 1st and 3rd party data

Connect your 1st party data sources like marketing automation, CRM, CDP, analytics and others to accurately target the audience in a privacy-safe way. Augment these audiences with branded 3rd party data sources to accurately reach out to even more audience interest categories.

Upload and preview creatives to see if it matches all standards

Once campaign details are set, final step is to upload or import all your creatives, including 15 and 30 second videos in HD MP4 format.

Go live and measure performance

Go live as soon as your ad approves and watch our platform optimise your campaign and maximise performance. Also, find out the true impact using accurate attribution.

Product Overview

Audience Selection

Creative A/B Testing

Campaign Optimization

Attribution & Analytics

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“We truly could not be more impressed with the team at Stratus. They delivered amazing results - our sales greatly increased.”

Jake Warren
GM Studios
“We had worked with other SEO companies, but it was clear from the outset that Stratus is different. The results speak for themselves.”

Kim Smith
Squant Media

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