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Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 2022​, also referred to as Outscale (“we”, “us”, “our”), has designed this privacy policy to help the users or customers of this platform understand how we collect, or process their information.

1Information we collect and use

We collect information through a variety of means including,

1.1 Information collected or provided directly by you

This may include personally identifiable information like name, email, phone number as well as firmographic information like company name, company URL, job title and job function by filling out one of our forms, chats, emails, social media or through one of our direct interactions online or offline.

We use this information to respond to your queries, improve or personalise site experience and share related information with you including industry news, new product features, upcoming events or a new article, which maybe relevant to you.

We store this information indefinitely, unless specifically asked to remove or delete, in our sales, marketing and/or other customer data tools to be used in various campaigns or to support out sales/marketing efforts.

1.2 Information collected automatically through this site

As a result of browsing through our site, our systems automatically collect certain personal information, including IP address, device, device OS, browser type and version and network via our ‘web logs’.

We may also collect information, either directly or through a third party, related to your site activity or browsing behaviour such as what pages you visited, how much time you spent on them and what activity you did on them through files stored in your device’s browser known as ‘cookies’. For more information on how to control cookies, visit:

We may store this information for uptown 90 days from the time of creation, unless specifically asked to remove or delete, and use it, either directly by us or through out service partners, in our sales, marketing and/or other customer data tools to be used in various campaigns or to support out sales/marketing efforts.

2. Other uses of personal information

Apart from the uses mentioned above, other ways in which your personal information maybe used are as follows:

  • To update, improve or maintain any part of our website
  • To personalise your experience either on the site or off site in our other touchpoint
  • To communicate with you for various purposes including answering queries, giving product or company updates or any other support
  • To directly or indirectly manage or help us grow
  • To market or advertise to you any of our current or future products or services
  • To prevent or investigate any disputes, security issues, fraud, unauthorised or criminal activity and/or to oblige with any governmental or financial obligations
  • To serve any other lawful or legitimate business purpose

3. How we share your personal information

In order to serve one or multiple use cases mentioned in the previous section, we may need to share your information with third parties as listed below:

  • Other service providers: We may use services of 3rd party service providers for various business or technical use cases for example, analytics tools, data storage platforms, web hosting platforms, CRM and marketing automation tool, customer data platforms, email tools etc.
  • Other businesses or financial institutions: We may share data with other business business or financial institutions in case of raising investments, mergers and acquisitions, joint venture, sale of company assets, bankruptcy or insolvency.
  • Other legal and regulatory organisations: We may share your information with other institutions for legal, law enforcement or regulatory reasons including but not limited to legal claims, lawful requests, enforce our and our partners rights, enforcing our terms of use, agreements and policies, reduce our financial risk and/or any other legitimate reason required by business or law
  • Other 3rd parties: Notwithstanding above mentioned reasons, we may share this information for other reasons  with certain other third parties with your consent

4. How to control over your personal information

We may work with our Ad partners, such as advertisers, ad networks, ad servers, analytics providers and other such parties in order to serve ads related to your interests across various devices and websites including TV, desktop, tablet and mobile, as well as, sites/apps like social media platforms, and OTT platforms.

These ad partners maybe able to associate your ad related insights to your browsing behaviour across multiple devices or browsers. For more information on this and how to control it, visit DAA’s opt-out page here:

Please note that if you choose to opt-out using DAA tools, you may still be able to see ads based on the content you’re viewing and not using your interests or any other personal information.

In order to opt-out of our tracking and personal information stored with us please directly get in touch with our through our official email mentioned below or chat options.

Please note with all of the above that we would not be responsible for any information you share, directly or indirectly, with any other third party website, plugins or apps not associated with us as this privacy policy doesn’t apply to them. In that case, please visit their respective privacy policies.

5. Future updates to this privacy policy

From time to time, we may change our privacy policy to keep it updated with the latest norms or changes in our business. You would always find the latest version updated on this page. However, we will not be responsible of intimating these changes to those associated with us and should be a prerogative of users/visitors themselves. In any case you would find the date of last modified always mentioned at the top of this page.

In case of any questions or doubts, please reach out to us at

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